Pintxos, wine and music blend together on the Bizkaia Bridge terraces

Today we are proposing a plan for this weekend that is difficult to say no to. How do beer, wine, food and good music on the Bizkaia Bridge terraces sound to you? Not bad at all, do they? This is what Basking Food Fest is offering us on 15 and 16 June; a space for dissemination, knowledge and leisure to recover values, flavours and tastes. And the fact is that what we are proposing to you today is just one of the numerous activities they are organising over the year.  The aim is to disseminate art and culture festivals associated with good food, bring short-lived markets with seasonal produce into the public eye or advertise tasting workshops to learn about and understand products. Basking Food Fest even broaches knowledge and the business. It keeps us up to date about seminars versing essentially on food and creates a space for forging future commercial relations. Don’t miss any of its programme details: