Getxo hosts the best international skating meet

On 23 and 24 June, Getxo will once again be hosting a contest involving the best international skaters. The legendary La Kantera pool in Algorta, is, for yet another year, the venue of one of the most outstanding international skating events on the continent. It is a championship that will bring together the most radical skaters on the planet. For you pundits, the Brazilian Yndiara Asp (last year’s champion) the Danes Rune Glifberg and Nicky Guerrero, the American Ben Hatchell and the Swede Oskar Rozenberg, to name but a few, have already confirmed their participation. The competition is the culmination of the now consolidated Skate Week which will begin on Saturday 16 June in Arrigunaga with one of the events on the Basque Pool circuit. On Monday, a jam is scheduled just a few meres from Bizkaia Bridge, on Churruca wharf, which will be accompanied by classes for the most elementary level participants. The instruction classes will move to Arrigunaga on Thursday. All the activities are free of charge and for everyone regardless of their age, so there is no excuse to miss them.