Europe´s day

In view of the fact that 2018 has been declared European Year of Cultural Heritage, the 4th edition of Europe Day in Getxo will this year be focussing on raising awareness and acknowledgement of the value of our cultural heritage as a shared resource and as a driver of sustainable tourism. Therefore, for this edition and in conjunction with the acts commemorating the 125th anniversary of Bizkaia Bridge, a number of very interesting activities have been launched, with emphasis on public participation and local heritage emblems such as Bizkaia Bridge and the Punta Begoña Galleries. One of the activities scheduled will be the sessions entitled “Our Heritage, experiences for sustainable tourism”. A forum, where attendance is free of charge, to be held on 8 and 9 May from 18:30 at Elkartegia (venue) in Getxo. Another activity open to all will be the exhibition entitled “The Footprints of Our Heritage”. Throughout the month of May, 10 vinyl footprints will be accompanying the public on their walks between Bizkaia Bridge and the Monument to Evaristo Churruca. Ten prints which will introduce us to emblematic aspects of Getxo and Bizkaia’s heritage. On 8 May, furthermore, a special visit is scheduled which will invite all registered participants on a guided tour that will explain the objectives and scope of this exhibition. Follow all the information and sign up for the activities at