Discover Portugalete

AThe fact that this year is the 125th anniversary of Bizkaia Bridge is a good excuse to get to know the two banks that surround this historic emblem of industrialisation. That is why today we are dedicating this space to talking about the municipality where part of its foundations are laid, Portugalete. This town, founded in 1322 and full of history, has an exquisitely rich heritage legacy. We could devote lines, paragraphs or even pages to describing every nook, every cranny this town conceals, but as we don’t want to go on forever, we’ll mention just a few.

Rialia Museum

The present Industry Museum, located on the Muelle Viejo [Old Quay]. It houses an important range of exhibits from Bizkaia’s industrial past.

Azeta Park

It is the town’s largest greenfield site, extending over an area exceeding 15,000 m2. It includes a pergola, a climbing wall and a panoramic lift, that reminds us of a mineral loading bay.

The Bandstand

Constructed in an eclectic style, it is located in Plaza del Solar square. It was built in 1912 by the architect Emiliano Pagazaurtundua and is where the Town Band gives its concerts.

Doctor Areilza Park

This is a botanical garden with exotic plant species. Designed in 1913 by Emiliano Pagazaurtundua with all kinds of details and located on the former beach of Portugalete.

Tide Meter – Muelle de Hierro [Iron Quay]

The Tide Meter, located at the end of the Quay, was built in Paris and placed by the Port Works Board in the year 1883. It is a nautical instrument for measuring the depth of the riverbed. It records the rise and fall of the water level with the tides. This information, of vital importance, made it easier for ships to sail in the Estuary. Today it is a token element that opens the way to the Muelle de Hierro [Iron Quay].

Bizkaia Bridge

Undoubtedly Portugalete’s main attraction. This iconic shuttle bridge was created by Alberto Palacio and Ferdinand Arnodin and declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2006. But there is much more to explain and too much left to discover. If you want to get to know each of these landscape and heritage features, key in Portugalete’s history, don’t miss the guided tours this Town Hall is offering. Further information: Portugalete Tourist Information Office, (+34) 944 72 93 14