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If the Bizkaia Bridge is already an impressive piece of work, even more impressive is accessing its pedestrian walkway, where, in addition to appreciating spectacular views of the Abra, you can clearly observe the operation of the gondola, carriage, motors, counterweights, and more.

The visit consists of ascending to the pedestrian walkway located 45 meters high, using a panoramic lift, and walking across its impressive deck, where you can enjoy both antique pieces and explanatory panels.

After descending from the walkway by lift, to fully enjoy the bridge, the visit also includes crossing the river on its gondola. In addition, educational centres can enjoy a free historical explanation of the Bizkaia Bridge provided a prior reservation has been made.


    * Obligatorio en caso de factura.
    ** Solicitar con 15 días de antelación. Consultar tarifa.

    The panoramic visit to the Bizkaia Bridge includes:

      • Ride up to the footbridge (45 meters high) in a panoramic lift
      • A trip on the ferry
      • Basqueree talk (Monday to Friday with prior reservation):
          • Spanish
          • English

    Approximate duration:

      • 45 minutes


      • From 10:00 to 19:00 hours (from November to Holy Week)
      • From 10:00 to 20:00 hours (from Holy Week to October)


      • 8€ per student
      • Teachers go for free

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