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The Bizkai Bridge honors other transporter bridges of the world in celebration of the International Day of Monuments and Sites.

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Due to the current situation generated by COVID-19, and trying to comply with the safety measures issued by the basque government, El Transbordador de Vizcaya S.L informs you that, the

El Lehendakari presidió el acto de clausura del 125 aniversario del Puente Colgante

Acto de Clausura 125 aniversario  




The Bizkaia Bridge was the first shuttle bridge built in the world made with a metallic structure. It is situated at the mouth of the Ibaizabal river, at the point where Bilbao’s navigable estuary opens out to the sea up to the 19th century.

The Bizkaia Bridge is the brilliant result of the mixture between two different innovative technologies: the modern engineering of bridges hanging from cables, developed in the middle of the 19th century, and the technique of large mechanical vehicles operating with steam machines.

Bizkaia Bridge

Universal Inheritance

The Bizkaia Hanging Bridge is one of the most outstanding constructions from the European Industrial Revolution and of iron architecture. Its monumental structure of metallic lattice and steel cables represents one of the best successes of late 19th century engineering and marvellous innovation in the known means of transport.

The Bizkaia Hanging Bridge synthesises the new technological advances in iron architecture and railways at its time in order to create an original, beautiful, harmonious invention capable of solving the transport requirements and adapted to a location with difficult orography and with complex naval shipping problems.


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