Rentour spaces.

We can organize special events such as parties and drinks on the outdoor terraces or on the bridge walkway if requested. You can also rent the terraces and the walkway for special occasions. We also rent tents for the terraces. Furthermore, we have advertising spaces available, such as billboards, shop windows, and banners inside and outside the gondola. There is a television channel inside the gondola that broadcasts images 24 hours a day.


Visit our walkway on the Bizkaia Bridge to admire the breathtaking panoramic views that can be seen from both sides of the estuary. Marvel at our industrial elements belonging to Bilbao's industrial heyday and enjoy the stories told by our audio guides about the most famous bridge in Euskadi.

Where can you advertise?

Foot Bridge

When the sun sets over Getxo and Portugalete, and the horizon is illuminated by the lights of both municipalities, the elevated walkway of the Bizkaia Bridge becomes a magical setting for an elegant dinner, a reception, or a private celebration.
From its magnificent location, 50 meters above the Bilbao estuary, guests can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. The attractive arrangement of tables, sophisticated receptions, entertainment, lighting, and flowers