As Luis de Castresana used to say, if I had to choose a landscape, an image to define Bilbao, I would choose San Antón Bridge,beside the founding heart of the village. If I had to choose one to define the Basque Country, I would choose the Tree of Gernika and the Assembly House. And if it were to embody Vizcaya, I would choose, with no doubt, the geography and engineering of Vizcaya Bridge, which is forever our popular, proud and endearing Hanging Bridge.

Vizcaya Bridge or Hanging Bridge, masterpiece of Don Alberto de Palacio, seduces all visitors becuse it is a spectacular and aesthetically pleasing addition to the river estuary and an exceptional expression of technical creativity, reflecting a completely satisfactory relationship between form and function.In other words, a surprising work which perfectly combines beauty, aesthetics and functionality.

There is no better introduction to the visit than the discourse itself of Don Alberto de Palacio on the opening day: “I have struggled with the challenges of science, society, the unknown, and when I see my work done, which consisted in a sense to the eyes of the common, an audacity of mechanics, social enterprises recklessness, madness in stock-market business and an act of pride for the youth of the author, my lips babble and I fail to express how sincere is my heart sincere when thanksgiving that I want to send to the distinguished engineers who have helped me with their advice, to tenacity of the society that has had to suffer difficulties, to Bilbao, so extraordinary to undertake as sensible to wait, called to be a beautiful jewel of Spain for their collective and individual initiatives”.

The press was lavish in his praise for the new way of communication, but we should note the one published on July 29th by Francisco Ruiz de la Peña where we can read: “Looking at the slightest lofty bridge from a short distance and from the axis of the estuary, I feel as suddenly transported to a huge coliseum

If the Bridge is already an amazing work, the most impressive is accessing to its 45 meters high walkway, through its lifts where, besides appreciating spectacular views of Bizkaia, the operating mechanism of the car truck, engines, hangers and so on is clearly displayed.

This walkway has audioguides available in several languages where the history of this bridge is explained. You can make a visit to the Hanging Bridge with an expert guide who will make the visit a memorable experience because, thanks to history and representations of nature of the sea and the river from 45 meters high, inspired and stimulate the senses and emotions.