1may - 30sepTodo el díaBridge and Poetry Video

3mayTodo el díaOpen air painting competition

8may - 9Todo el díaEurope Day

26may1:00 am- 1:00 amBasque SUP Race Circuit


Magicfly interactive route (Bizkaia Bridge – Old Port) All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-magicfly
Self-guided tour – Grand Villas Promenade (Churruca – Punta Begoña) All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/paseo-grandes-villas
Guided tour of the area surrounding Bizkaia Bridge From June to October http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/visita-teatralizada
El Bote Tours (Bilbao-Portugalete-Santurtzi-Marina) From June to December http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/patrimonio-costa-getxo
Ramiro Pinilla literary route – green valleys red hills Special dates http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/ramiro-pinilla
Tour of the Punta Begoña Galleries From March to December http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/rutadescubriendolospalacetes,%20del%20puertoalasmansiones
Route-Walk Bizkaia Bridge – Old Port All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/paseopuente-puerto
Audio-guided sightseeing tour by taxi – Getxo monumental coast All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-taxi
“Sandbank or Las Arenas” route All year round https://www.explora-norte.com/
The “Discovering small palaces, from the port to the mansions” route All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/ruta-mansiones/
Photography route through Getxo All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-ver/ruta-fotografica
Getxo VR All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-VR
Guided tour of Portugalete From March to June Oficina de Turismo: 944 72 93 14
A sailing trip around the El Abra bay Weekends from 20 April to 28 October http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/velero-abra
Sunset on deck Fridays and Saturdays from 6 July to 25 August http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/puesta-sol
Skirting the cliffs on a yacht Saturdays in July, August and September http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/bordear-acantilados
A sailing weekend All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/escapada-velero
The Basque Coast at full sail, in one week Summer http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/costavasca-vela
Tasting on a yacht along the Bilbao estuary All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/velero-cata
Sail out to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe; motorboat trip 17 June; 1, 15 & 29 July; 12 & 26 August; 9 & 23 September http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/barco-motor
Get to know the coast while practising SUP All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/surf-euskadi
Get to know the coast by canoe All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/costa-piragua
Sail up the Bilbao estuary on a yacht All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/velero-ria
Pintxo Pote (nibbles and drinks) along the estuary, on a yacht All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/velero-pintxopote
Bird-spotting from the sea Sundays in November, December, Jaunary and February http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/velero-aves
The Boat experience All year round
Learning to be a skipper (PER on board) July and August http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/ser-patron
Learning to sail (dinghy sailing) All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/aprender-navegar
Marmitako [Fish and Potato Stew] Tour From June to October http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/velero-marmitako
Bungee-jumping from Bizkaia Bridge All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/goming-puente
Bungee-jumping from Bizkaia Bridge All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/goming-puente
Climb to the heavens – Bizkaia Bridge All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/escalada-puente
Running – at the pace of your training shoes All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-running
Getxo by bicycle All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-ebike
Climb to the heavens – Bizkaia Bridge All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/escalada-puente
Running – at the pace of your training shoes All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-running
Getxo by bicycle All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/getxo-ebike
Out for pintxos – as-you-please route All year round http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/pintxos-getxo
Out for pintxos – guided tour All year round http://www.getxo.eus/es/turismo/que-hacer/rutas-pintxos
Culinary techniques workshop with chef Javier Izarra From April to November http://www.getxo.eus/en/turismo/que-hacer/cocina-tamarises




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